January 20, 2023

This week at Kabakoo

Written by:
Ewa Maréchal

This week at Kabakoo, the series of connections with the PHI Centre of Montreal continue and promise to be exciting:  on Tuesday, the 2nd connection of the Artificial Intelligence series will focus on face cloning; on Wednesday, the participants of the exchanges on well-being will attend a meditation session around sound with music therapist Rebecca Mananki; finally, on Saturday, Nfaly Diakité, an artist from the background of the "Donsos", will lead us in a beautiful evening as part of the "Bamako Concerts" series.

The week will also be full of learning opportunities for our cohorts. On the side of female entrepreneurs, the learning modules continue: no-code, Design Thinking and 3D printing. The "No-Code" cohort is deepening its training on the Zapier tool and learning about ecosystemic innovation.