Dedicated to making learning work

Meet the beautiful souls committed to reimagining learning and education for the ecosystemic era while challenging and giving life to our vision of highdigenous tech for distributed prosperity.

We don’t value diversity. We live it. Everyday. Our current team of 9 people consists of 7 nationalities and we speak 6 different mother tongues! We strive to build and nurture a team at the very image of the model of society we want to make emerge, open, plural, and diverse.

Meet the team


The Kabakoo Crew

Former investment banker from the City, now I engage in 360° relationship building around Kabakoo to make sure that everyone has the necessary to do their duty.

Bankaly Kaba

Business Dev

I started at Kabakoo as a learner and now I am our community wizard, working with Ousmane to make that sure that everything runs smoothly.

Dem Tangara

Communities Activator

Before Kabakoo, I worked for diplomatic institutions and now I focus on building relationships with private and institutional stakeholders in order to advance our highdigenous model.

Ewa Maréchal

Advocacy Officer

I want to make a lasting positive impact around me, I joined Kabakoo to nurture an ecosystem of stakeholders for our training programs around highdigenous tech.

Leïla Keita

Partnership Officer

I create living links between Kabakoo and the local art scene; and also take care of the programming and the operations of the Shared Studios Portal at Kabakoo.

Mariam Sylla


I am an avid learner and self-taught myself in quite a range of topics; at Kabakoo I take care of all the logistics and operations at our Bamako campus.

Ousmane Deme

Operational Manager

Additionally to my role as peer-facilitator, I take care of the programming and the operations of the Shared Studios Portal at Kabakoo.

Talhata Touré

Curator & Peer-facilitator

I am a trained designer with experiences from product design to architecture. I am responsible for the UX/UI of the learning experience and our overall appearance and identity.

Xiaocong Liu

Chief Product Officer

Survivor. Long-distance traveler. Economic migrant turned expat. Academic turned EdTech entrepreneur. Committed to making learning work.

Yanick Kemayou

CEO / Head of Learning Experience

Join our team

Join us to catalyze learning for the ecosystemic era and make emerge sustainable futures in Africa and beyond.
We’re looking for “humblacious”, i.e. bold and audacious yet humble, souls eager to reimagine education for the Africas to make it work. For the youths. For the communities. For the local ecosystems.
If you’re interested in finding out about opportunities, just reach out!

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