January 20, 2023

Highdigenous Talks with Lassana Cissé, safeguarding the Timbuktu manuscripts

Written by:
Leïla Keita

Listed as UNESCO World Heritage and treasures from the 15th and 16th centuries, the Timbuktu manuscripts are sources of knowledge on mathematics, philosophy, science, Islam, astronomy, and even law. These ancient texts allow us to retrace history and comprehend today’s Western African societies. They now have to be protected by local experts since the manuscripts are threatened while their study happens mostly abroad.

To learn more about the fascinating topic of the Timbuktu manuscripts, join us this Saturday for our Highdigenous Talk with Lassana Cissé, expert in the intangible cultural heritage of the Mande and the Dogon. With a long and rich career both internationally and in Mali, he has notably worked for safeguarding Dogon cultural heritage in Bandiagara and the restoration of manuscripts from Timbuktu.

Join us via facebook live on Saturday!

Kabakoo Academies_Highdigenous Talks_Timbuktu Manuscripts_Deep Learning
Lassana Cissé @ Kabakoo Academies, safeguarding the Timbuktu Manuscripts.