January 20, 2023

#LiveFromKabakoo in April 2021

Written by:
Leïla Keita

Art is tech is art. This month, Kabakoo explores local knowledges through Malian art on the occasion of transatlantic connections with the Canadian public!

We are perpetuating creative energy, from art to tech and back. As formulated by Neri Oxman: "The role of Art is to question human behavior and create awareness of the world around us; it ‘converts’ behavior into new perceptions of information, re-presenting the data that [initiates the creativity in tech]."
This succinctly describes why the Kabakoo community, while being dedicated to tech education, also keeps close links to the local art scenes, while using immersive tech to amplify their voices . #HighdigenousTech

At a time when real encounters are at the best rare , this series of artistic conversations offers a stage for Malian artists and create intimate cultural and human exchanges. Classical West African music, instruments and dances will fill up the Kabakoo_Portal, transforming it into an immersive public art space. These connections make African musical universes shine around the world and allow art and artists to reinvent themselves.

One love to Sahel Roots, Tamala, Nfaly Diakité and Tatadeni. Kabakoo warmly thanks the artists for their participation in #LiveFromKabakoo!

The schedule!
Impressions from last sessions.