January 20, 2023

Venezuelan artist Denis Faneites @ Kabakoo!

Written by:
Yanick Kemayou

During his recent trip to Mali, Berlin-based Venezuelan artist Denis Faneites visited the construction site of Kabakoo - The House Of Wondering.

We had a lot of discussions about South-South cooperation and the role of art in emancipation struggles. But we also had a lot of fun together and Denis ended up painting a magnificent piece for our water tank. We probably have the most arty water tank in the whole town.

Hey Denis, thank you for the precious gift. Thank you also for the workshop you did for the kids here!

We can't wait to welcome you back in Kabakoo again.

Denis Faneites_Kabakoo_Mali_Bamako_Art
Denis Faneites_Kabakoo_Mali_Bamako_Art_Water Tank

More about Denis Faneites’ art: https://www.instagram.com/denisfaneites/

Since Denis is also a DJ, you can listen to the mix he did after his Malian trip below.